Rumor of an exquisite one-half hectare block of Old-Vine Chenin Blanc in the Keisie Valley of Montagu, South Africa drove winemaker Reenen Borman, and two friends, Fritz Schoon, and Henk Kotze, to find out what all the hype was about. The vineyard is a registered single-vineyard named after longtime caretaker Jakob. Jakob’s Blok, as it is affectionately known, is a 30 year old vineyard planted on east facing Karoo slate and shale soils and it immediately captured the hearts of the three friends.

The Patatsfontein Chenin Blanc was pressed in a wooden hand press, allowed to settle in tank and taken straight to used oak barrel where the wine was naturally fermented and nothing added. This natural and minimalist winemaking approach allows Patatsfontein Chenin Blanc to be a true representation of the terroir of “Jakob’s Blok."


Patatsfontein Chenin Blanc