Tamboerskloof Wines


Owned by noted winery design consultant Gerard de Villiers who has consulted on more than 150 wineries in across the world, Tamboerskloof Wines pay homage to the de Villiers family’s formative years in the Cape Town neighborhood of Tamboerskloof, the “Valley of the Drums.” The name harkens back to the settlement of the Western Cape by Dutch Settlers in the mid-1600s when lookout posts were manned with spotters in the hills and on the mountains. These spotters would drum the message of an approaching ship from one lookout post to the next until the farmers in the surrounding valleys heard the drums and proceeded to harvest their crops and hasten to Cape Town harbor with their wagons to meet the ship on arrival.

Tamboerskloof Wines are meticulously crafted by surfer/winemaker Gunter Schultz and are produced exclusively from grapes grown on Kleinood Farm in Stellenbosch. “I am a romantic, as with the great French wines, wine must taste of where it comes from not of what you have done to it. One must always allow oneself to probe deeper and keep asking questions because wine and the art of making wine is never simple and there are no shortcuts." Tamboerskloof Wines have received equal critical acclaim for wine quality as for the gorgeous and fastidious packaging. 


Tamboerskloof Viognier

Tamboerskloof "Katharien" Rose

Tamboerskloof Syrah

Tamboerskloof "John Spicer" Syrah